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About Us


Bear Belief began with the promise to give everyone the opportunity to fight against the stigma surrounding mental health, by making it easier to start a conversation about it.


''After struggling with depression and anxiety for many years, I decided that it's time to change. I felt like I had a need for a constant reminder of my own strengths. This way I came up with the idea of creating jewellery embedded with words that have great meaning for me. These words hold a special place in my heart, and each word has its own story. I truly hope that it will be the same for you!"

Ana - Founder Bear Belief


We design each bracelet, with the idea that words are a powerful tool to show our strengths, and to remind ourselves of them.


Giving back is very important for us, and therefore we decided that in order to create a change, we need to contribute in other ways as well. This way we established that part of our profits will always go to mental health charities and organizations.

Know any charities that need our help? Let us know!

Ana Moise


Adrian Gramada

Creative Director